A choice of bracelets at the crossroads between couture and luxury jewelry

Each gold-filled bracelet is a journey

With her bracelet collections, Marie Laure Chamorel reaches her goal to create timeless luxury jewelry with a personal touch. Her distinctive style defies short-live trends and preconceptions about shapes, sizes, colours and materials. Each of her gold-filled bracelets possesses a touch of the designer’s unique artistry, and captures a glimpse from her inner creative world. Bypassing pre-established conventions and formal dogmas, Marie Laure Chamorel treats silver, her favourite material, like a piece of fabric : she delicately weaves it, she braids it with silk thread and she even dyes it in various colours such as golden pink, golden (with an 18-karat gold finish), chocolate brown, dark grey (using a ruthenium finish) and black.

Luxury bracelets : the perfect balance between refinement and simplicity

In Old French, « bracelet » means « arm adornment ». A gold-filled bracelet or a gold-plated bracelet can instantly magnify the natural beauty and carnation of a woman’s wrist, while elevating even the simplest items of clothing (like a tank top, a shirt or a tee-shirt). For Marie Laure Chamorel, the bracelet is perhaps the quintessential piece of luxury jewelry. When she creates a new model of gold-filled bracelet, the designer takes pleasure in pushing the boundaries and bending the rules. She plays with contrasts and movements in order to craft the most original gold-filled, gold-plated and polki diamond bracelets. Her eclectic choice of ornaments, colours and bracelet sizes mirrors her desire to explore the possibilities of each material.

Gold jewelry cuff bracelets and gold-filled bead bracelets

With her 18-karat gold-plated cuff bracelets, Marie Laure Chamorel allies with boho-style fashion and noble materials. Their intricate webs of metal strands are braided by hand. Several options are available for the finish of the cuff bracelets, such as pink gold, sterling silver, black silver, white silver or ruthenium. Some of the bracelets are adorned with a gold mesh, a small medallion, several polki diamonds, multi-coloured silk thread and crystal beads. The width of this type of bracelet varies from 1,2 cm (1/2 in) to 1,5 cm (0.6 in), 2 cm (0.8 in), 2,2 cm (0.9 in), 2,5 cm (1 in), 3 cm (1.2 in) and 3,8 cm (1 1/2 in).

Reinventing the loop bracelet

Marie Laure Chamorel’s take on loop bracelets, double loop bracelets and infinity loop bracelets is striking. The designer combines thin silver strands with silk threads and creates a new concept of playful, sentimental jewelry. The colours of these bracelets vary from green to burgundy red, pink, beige, yellow, aqua blue, navy blue or even coral orange.

Adjustable gold-filled and gold-plated bracelets

Marie Laure Chamorel’s attention to detail shows in the conception of her bracelet clasps. Her bracelets are available in one unique size, but their adjustable clasp is designed to fit any wrist size perfectly. The cuff bracelets feature a sliding knot with a 10-cm (3.9 in) silk braid, while the thinner models have an adaptable bolt ring clasp. Therefore, any bracelet in this online store can be bought as a gift for someone whose exact wrist size is not known.