Silver gold-plated necklaces : an ode to style and timeless beauty

The art of creating the perfect gold jewelry necklace

From New York’s busy flea markets to the medieval Parisian street where she set up her French studio, Marie Laure Chamorel never ceases to glean new ideas, accessories and fabric swatches wherever she goes. Her necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets allow her to share her creativity with women all over the world. The designer’s gold-filled necklaces can be found online, or in luxury multi-brand stores across Europe, America and Asia. Their success is based on their intemporal charm and sophisticated craftsmanship.

The silver gold-plated necklace, a must-have accessory

Of all the pieces of jewelry that a woman can wear, the necklace is often the most noticeable. Sometimes, a small necklace is enough to give a final touch to a polished look, while a bigger, more adorned necklace can be the centerpiece of an outfit. Just like a vintage bag, a leather jacket or a pair of designer shoes, a gorgeous gold-filled or gold- plated necklace is a must-have accessory. Marie Laure Chamorel’s silver gold-plated necklaces are designed to play a central role in women’s wardrobes. Thanks to the diversity and abondance of her sources of inspiration, the designer’s necklaces speak to the heart of jewelry lovers worldwide.

Each necklace tells its unique story

Necklaces are particularly suited for artistic exploration, and the best designers love to play with various sizes, shapes and colours. Marie Laure Chamorel’s gold-filled necklaces are hand-made in order to preserve the beauty of the materials which she uses. Every necklace was born from a love story between the designer and a piece of fabric, an antique item, an ornament, a specific type of metal, a particular hue or a visual pattern. The unique shape of each model is a reflection of the designer’s passion for artisan jewelry. During her travels, she fell in love with the craft of Balinese silver goldsmiths and since then, she has never ceased to place this noble metal at the center of her own work.

A necklace for every occasion

Not only do these silver gold-plated necklaces go very well with boho-chic outtfits, but they give a nice touch of fantasy to a chic couture look or to a formal evening gown. Fringe necklaces are especially versatile, and can be used as statement pieces to counterbalance the austerity of a business casual wardrobe. One can also combine a boat-neck top and a pair of ripped jeans with a polki diamond necklace or an interlocking loop necklace, so as to create a boyish outfit with a feminine touch.

Adjustable gold jewelry necklaces

The choker necklaces feature a silk thread sliding knot which allows them to fit all neck sizes. As for the thinner models of gold-plated chain necklaces, they come with an adaptable bolt ring clasp. Finally, the longer necklaces do not have a clasp and are designed to be slackly placed or wrapped around one’s neck. All necklaces can be purchased as a gift for a friend, a partner or a family member without knowing their exact neck size. Finally, they can be tightened or loosened in order to create a different look. The possibilities are endless.