Marie Laure Chamorel

After a career as a fashion designer in several luxury houses, from Balmain to Kenzo, including her debut at Alaia, Marie Laure Chamorel, a graduate of the Duperré School of Applied Arts in Paris, created her own line of high-end costume jewelry in 2006 under her eponymous brand.

Marie Laure is guided by her desire to give each piece of jewelry a unique touch. Her inspiration does not fit into any ready-made fashion trend.

"Textile jewelry" is how she describes her creations, born of her passion for threads and materials. For her Custom Jewelry collection, this bargain hunter is willingly inspired by English embroidery, lace, pearls, and other antique cabochons gleaned from her visits to the Paris and New York flea markets. Like a sculptor, she tests the material and creates her prototypes, in volume and by hand, in her Parisian studio in the Marais.

In a couture spirit, she transforms her favorite materials, enriches them with handmade embroidery and wraps them in silk chiffon or leather beads. The collections are mainly composed of necklaces and cuff bracelets.

The Taste of "Handmade" Work

During a trip to Bali, she discovered with admiration the work of silver goldsmiths carried out by local artisans, whom she accompanied with her own unique gesture. This collaboration gave birth to the second Luxume collection. Marie Laure frees herself from convention and works with silver, her favorite material, with audacity: woven like a fabric, dyed in tie and dye, blackened by rhodium, or mixed with silk threads. Pocket watches, grigri bracelets, secret boxes, unsealable hearts or entwined hands testify to the designer's love for antique and sentimental jewelry.

Marie Laure's jewelry embodies the new luxury of craftsmanship, the taste for "handmade" work. The brand is distributed in niche multi-brands in Paris and internationally, notably in Tokyo, New York and Los Angeles.