Gold-plated and gold-filled rings

A unique vision of ring design

This ring collection reflects the richness and diversity of Marie Laure Chamorel’s sources of inspiration. The jewelry designer enjoys blending together a myriad of artistic techniques, visual concepts and happy memories, to create these polki diamond rings, croissant rings, jump rings, gold-filled rings and rose-cut diamond engagement rings. Each model of ring possesses its own style and tells its own story.

A wide variety of gold-plated and gold-filled rings

Marie Laure Chamorel developed a sharp eye for shapes, textures and visual details during her career as a fashion designer. Her fruitful journey through the world of couture has given her a taste for perfection and originality. That is why whenever she has an idea for a new ring, she strives to combine her love of jewelry with her passion for couture. Each of her gold-filled rings is slowly and meticulously handcrafted, just like the delicate lacework of a designer dress.

Polki diamond rings and rose cut diamond rings

Marie Laure Chamorel’s gold-filled rings and gold-plated rings are adorned with small, delicate diamonds of various kinds, sizes, shapes, origins and colours. The simple design of her rings bring out the raw elegance of polki-cut diamonds and the soft sparkle of rose-cut diamonds. The polki diamond rings match all skin tones and all styles of clothing. Loop rings are particularly suitable for boho-chic, summer and ethnic outfits, but can also add a touch of originality to an evening dress.

A one-of-a-kind ruthenium ring

The craft of artisan ring-making transcends trends and highlights the intrinsic qualities of metals such as sterling silver, silver, gold and even ruthenium. Ruthenium is a hard metallic material with a silvery-white surface. Its charcoal sheen offers a stark contrast to the thinness of the chains that make up the ring. This ruthenium ring can be paired with a casual-chic outfit and one of Marie Laure Chamorel’s ruthenium necklaces, bracelets and earrings in order to create an original look.

Delicate rings inspired by signet rings and cuffs

Wearing a signet ring (a thick ring with a personalized seal) is a tradition which dates back from ancient Egypt, persisted in the medieval era and still lives on today across the globe. For some of her gold-plated rings, Marie Laure Chamorel found her inspiration in signet rings, as well as in antique cuffs. Both of these objects are steeped in history and can carry a great sentimental value for the person who wears them. Marie Laure Chamorel captured the essence of signet rings and cuffs, in order to sculpt several intemporal gold-plated and gold-filled rings.

Four ring sizes available

Each model of ring is handmade in four different sizes : 50 mm (1,97 inches), 52 mm (2 1/16 inches or a British/Australian size M), 54 mm (2,13 inches) and 56 mm (2 3/16 inches or a British/Australian size P). If your measurement is currently out of stock, feel free to leave us your email address. We will notify you as soon as your ring becomes available again.