A Textile Visionary Illuminating the World of Jewelry

Marie Laure Chamorel: A Textile Visionary Illuminating the World of Jewelry

In the radiant panorama of luxury, where innovation and passion intersect, emerges the bright profile of creators with undisputed talent and artisanal meticulousness. Marie Laure Chamorel is among these shining stars. We invite you to explore the magical universe of this Parisian artist, through three enlightening aspects: her exemplary journey, her exceptional works, and her radiant influence in the field of jewelry.

A Brilliant Path: From Duperré School to the Ateliers of Alaïa and Balmain

Marie Laure Chamorel's trajectory is defined by an undeniable passion for art and creation. Endowed with a literary sensibility and armed with a degree from the Duperré School of Applied Art in Paris, she has established herself as a remarkable and innovative figure in the luxury sector. From her very first steps, Marie Laure immersed herself with fervor in the world of fashion during a formative internship at the prestigious Maison Alaïa, awakening in her a profound interest in the mechanisms of the industry.
Her career path took no breaks: from a knitwear stylist at Kenzo to the head of embroidery at Balmain, she enhanced her expertise, laying the groundwork for the rise of her own jewelry line.

"Textile Jewelry": The Alchemy of Materials and Craftsmanship

In 2006, Marie Laure Chamorel made an indelible mark on the horizon of jewelry making by launching her brand. Her creations, which she affectionately calls "textile jewelry," are an ode to her passion for noble threads and fabrics. Drawing inspiration from the treasures of flea markets, from English embroideries to ancient gems, she builds her universe without being limited by borders, both in Paris and New York.
In her Parisian workshop nestled in the heart of the Marais, Marie Laure sculpts her prototypes with manual grace, testifying to her commitment to craftsmanship. These jewels come to life under her eyes in Bali, where the talent of local artisans breathes soul into each piece.
With the Luxume collection, she invites silver, her material of choice, to dance under her fingers. Whether woven, colored in tie-dye, or patinated with rhodium, silver transforms into a majestic artistic expression.

A Renewal of Artisanal Luxury: From Paris to the West Coast

Marie Laure Chamorel's creations embody a reinvented luxury, celebrating manual skill and artisanal excellence. Acclaimed well beyond French borders, her jewelry delights select boutiques in Paris and graces the most beautiful international showcases, from Hong Kong to New York and Los Angeles.
Marie Laure's jewelry stands out for its ability to awaken emotions, to narrate a story. From watchmaking keys to lucky charms, each piece is a vibrant tribute to the nostalgia of vintage jewelry and the feelings they evoke. This fascination is revealed through her best-selling bracelets, symbols of a trend that is both discrete and powerful.
Marie Laure Chamorel is not only defined as a jewelry designer; she is a true visionary of textiles who skillfully combines her varied talents to bring to life priceless creations. Through her inspired journey, her eclectic influences, and her exceptional art, she redraws the contours of modern luxury, offering pieces that captivate not only with their beauty but also convey the essence and human warmth of their creator.

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